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Behind BodyMeals lies our family business where we specialise in shelf stable, long life, sustainable foods.

Our family has been producing non-perishable foods for over 30 years. As with others, we started with canned and dried foods back in the 1980's, then progressed from there. The evolution wasn't merely in the foods itself, but also the transformation of packaging and efficient cooking methods.

During the late 1990's and early 2000's, we developed and launched food products in retort pouches. A few items on the shelf you may be familiar with are pasta sauces, baby food, soups and the ubiquitous "tuna&rice".

Afterwards, our research lead us to convenient meal solutions and we have been producing them ever since.

We own and operate a large, brand new and state of the art facility in Tsingdao, China where we manufacture non-perishable foods and distribute to Europe, North America and within Asia. Traditionally, our clientele have been B2B such as airlines, food wholesalers, military rations and mining contracts. BodyMeals is the first consumer brand we have brought to the Australian market.

Our true innovation is being able to produce a pre-packaged meal that's shelf stable, whilst at the same time retaining its nutrients and flavour, without using any preservatives whatsoever. Something we felt was perfect for Australia's health and fitness industry.

Each BodyMeal only uses a fraction of the energy required to produce than other pre-packaged meals, uses zero of the planet's energy to store, and because of its ultra long shelf life, we reduce food wastage to almost nil. Our EVOH packaging is biodegradable, totally BPA free and completely non-toxic at all temperatures. There is no need for refrigerated transport and even our online deliveries come to you in a simple cardboard box (which is made from recycled materials).

We hope you enjoy BodyMeals and more importantly, we hope the convenience of BodyMeals helps you get that step closer towards achieving your health, fitness and nutritional goals.

To find out more about our meals please visit our FAQ’s page or feel free to get in contact with us:

hello@bodymeals.com.au or call us on 1300 263 965