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Dear friends and customers,

There has been an unforeseen interruption in supply to BodyMeals. Our producer is moving production facilities which means we are unable to get new stock for the time being. Our best estimates are that we will be back in stock in the latter half of 2019.

Although we have temporarily switched off our eCommerce shop, we still have some stock available. To order, please send an enquiry through to orders@bodymeals.com.au

To our repeat and dedicated customers, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the past couple of years. Please click here to subscribe to our mailing list so that we can give you the heads up once we're back.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

~Remy Koh, Founder and MD

BodyMeals are shelf-stable, non-perishable meals that do NOT require refrigeration or freezing. You can keep BodyMeals in your pantry, gym bag, locker, or desk at work.

To give you a better understanding of why BodyMeals can be stored outside of your fridge, let's compare current food preservation techniques that everyone should be familiar with...

Meat Curing is the oldest method of preserving foods, predominantly meat. Quite simply, curing is the addition of salts, sugar, nitrates and nitrites to food in order to draw out moisture. Without this moisture, the solute concentration of the food is very high and thus, the cured food becomes inhospitable to harmful microorganisms. One of the drawbacks of consuming too much cured meats and other cured foods is that your sodium intake is very high. Aside from the health risks, the symptoms of high sodium levels in the body such as fluid retention (bloating), abnormal thirst mechanism and high blood pressure are not good for someone who is passionate about their training.

Refrigeration can substantially reduce the rate at which food will deteriorate. The lower the temperature, the slower the growth of microorganisms and the rate of chemical changes in food. So putting your food in the fridge is only slowing down the process of food spoilage which is why there is still a time limit for any food kept in the fridge before it goes off! You should note that it is recommended the temperature of your fridge should be 4 degrees or below in order to keep that bacterial action at bay. 

Freezing is used to stop bacterial action altogether! Frozen bacteria are completely inactive. Which is why your food in the freezer has longer "use by" dates. It has nothing to do with containing fewer nutrients! We love frozen veggies because they are snap frozen, shortly after being harvested, nutrients are locked in, instead of deteriorating over the time it takes from harvest to your super market shelf. But remember as soon as the food is taken out of the freezer and as the temperature begins to rise, bacterial action will resume.

Retort is the highly innovative science and cooking method which eliminates bacteria and microorganisms so food will stay fresh at room temperature as long as it’s kept in a hermetically sealed environment. Those include a retort pouch, can, or our personal favourite and the one we’ve selected for our Bodymeals, the EVOH retort tray. This method is by far the most efficient way to preserve food. Not only efficient because the need for refrigeration has been eliminated but also because the cooking method is simply steam and pressure and one cook can produce up to 5000 meals! Our EVOH trays are recyclable, BPA free and non-toxic at all temperatures as well as being a strong barrier to chemicals. Because of this method, BodyMeals are minimally processed ( in fact the only process used is cooking!), nutrient dense pre-prepared meals.

A BodyMeal is food which does not require refrigeration, formulated for the active person.

It’s a tasty combination of healthy ingredients to produce a high in protein, low in carbs, low in saturated fat and low in sodium meal that is hermetically sealed in a special EVOH retort tray.

The BodyMeals are then put through the retort cooking process to achieve sterilization from harmful bacteria and it’s because of this process, refrigeration is not required to keep them fresh.

The retort process is simply a method of preserving food using only pressure and heat through steam. There is no addition of any artificial or chemical preservatives.

The United States Army, Australian Army and N.A.S.A have been using retort ready to eat meals for decades.

Almost all of us would probably have eaten many retort meal products already and it’s also a very popular method for preserving baby food.

The best before date is two years from the date they were prepared and cooked.

The meals will stay as fresh as the moment they were cooked throughout that time.

They can be stored at room temperature and are classed as a non-perishable food product.

No harmful bacteria can survive the retort cooking process and because they are contained in a hermetically sealed tray, no new bacteria can get in and our meals can stay fresh. Therefore, there is no requirement to slow down the growth of microorganisms by refrigeration, freezing or adding preservatives.

This is not a simple process! We have been working with Australian food scientists and chefs who have been perfecting the retort meals process for over 15 years. Being able to formulate a healthy protein rich meal with low sodium that actually taste good - all with a 4.5 star health rating -from the traditional retort meals was no easy feat - those parameters were challenging to achieve. After two years of tasting and testing and getting the formula right, we finally have a truly convenient healthy meal product we can offer active Australians.

Yes Yes and absolutely YES. We pride ourselves on social responsibility and it’s a very important company value for us.

Please do recycle both the box as well as the EVOH food tray.

Anyone with teeth, however the meals are tailored for active people and for people who need an abundance of protein in their diet. Each 300g Bodymeal contains between 48g and 58g of protein, which is almost the recommended daily intake of protein the average Australian adult requires.


Remove tray from box, peel back the clear plastic cover an inch and heat for one minute. Although my personal trainer likes to eat straight from the box at room temperature.

Not at all. Many of our customers like to eat BodyMeals at room temperature.

Our ingredients list is on the rear of each BodyMeals sleeve. However, they are produced in a facility which also produces meals containing nuts, dairy, gluten, seafood and all other known food allergens. If unsure, please contact Sales Support on - 1300 263 965.

BodyMeals are non perishable just like tin tuna! 

Refrigeration is not required for storage. We recommend storing them in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Pantry, gym bag, boot of car, carry on luggage are all perfect examples of correct storage.

Do not consume and please contact customer service on 1300 263 965 and we can send you a replacement.

We wouldn't recommend it as a balanced diet requires other vitamins and minerals which are not present in abundance in our meals. We love to pair BodyMeals with a simple, quick salad or some steamed vegetables.

Another benefit of our meals being non-perishable, we do not need specialised transportation. The consignment will simply be left at your front door or as per your other instructions.

Free shipping is for any orders over $75. 

Excluding regional and remote areas.

Any address and post code within Australia.

Our meals are made in P.R China at our 100% Australian owned and operated facility.  Exporting from China and importing to Australia (especially food) is quite strict, as you can imagine, so you can be assured that all of our products and packaging has been thoroughly checked and approved for sale in Australia.

The Beef is from Australia.

All other ingredients are sourced from multiple origins.